GATES project. Results

The following public reports from GATES project are available to be downloaded, along with some communication materials:

GATES Data Management Plan & Support Pack
will present the main aspects related to GATES management summarizing the organizational structure, operating procedures and management tools of the project.
Report on User Requirements Analysis.
This deliverable presents the conducted survey results and focuses on the most important aspects stakeholders find useful regarding the learning strategies
Report on GATES Modelling and Simulation Algorithms.
Report compiling the results of the overview of scientific literature that will be used as part of the library module of GATES game in WP3
GATES Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy & Plan.
Comprehensive strategy and plan with definition of objectives, identification and analysis of target groups, definition of messages and outputs, tools and materials, etc, including a set of indicators on a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) allowing to monitor the communication and dissemination progress.
GATES Dissemination pack materials.
Web portal including GATES User Group Community and social media profiles, project brochure, leaflet, poster and roll-up, newsletter layout will be available in the first 10 months of the project, to be consistently used all along the project
GATES Communication & Dissemination Reports.
Three (3) reports describing all dissemination activities and including all relevant material will be produced, including information on the regional GATES workshops and the final event, the participation on events organised by other stakeholders, and the update of the dissemination and exploitation BSC.