Problem Accessing to my User

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Problem Accessing to my User


I have a problem; my machine is working with an external display (Screen) since the one that came with the laptop does no longer works. Today I moved the resolution of the display and I cannot access to my main user; the only way to access the computer is through invited user but there I cannot install programs or do anything. I tried to reinstall linux but since the laptop is useless I cannot access to the BIOS. I am trying to create another user but since I am in the invitation user, I cannot make any changes to the system. Is there a way I can add permissions to the invitation user so I can delete the main user and start using this one instead? what other ideas do you have that might solve my problem? I tried also to access to move the resolution in my main user but that did not work either.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.