Drones, aerial photography, precision agriculture - anyone doing this?

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Drones, aerial photography, precision agriculture - anyone doing this?


Is anyone running a business or side business based around drone-services?It's something I've been interested in for a while, I finally have a flying GPS-driven camera (for local property work), and I have my pilot's license, so getting the Part 107 commercial operator's certificate isn't a big deal for me.I'm out in rural farm country, so I'm considering general aerial photography/video of places or events, and I'm looking into what's required to do precision agriculture work - near-IR combined with visual scanning of crops to provide hyper-local crop health data (for some crops, down to the plant-by-plant level). Also, potentially, work with local realtors who want better shots of properties or land they're selling.Beyond "Get an LLC and insurance," any recommendations on this, or people who are doing it successfully? I'm not looking to make a full time job out of this - more just a side income stream, one of many.Any advice?

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