DEMOAGRO 2017. Live demonstration with next generation farm machinery
27/03/2017 Fairs and congresses
ANSEMAT, the Spanish Association of agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, is organising the 3nd edition of its agricultural machinery demo fair (Demoagro). Demoagro will be hosted at the farm "La...
GATES in Agrokompas 2017 event in Novi Sad, Serbia
27/03/2017 GATES activity
On March 17th, GATES representatives from InoSens have participated at the Agrokompas 2017 event in Novi Sad, Serbia. The event is focused on business networking among stakeholders from the agrifood...
Launch of GATES project, Applying GAming TEchnologies for training in Smart Farming.
27/03/2017 GATES activity
As the global population approaches 9 billion by 2050, Smart Farming Technologies has the potential to contribute to the wider goal of meeting the increasing demand for agricultural outputs while...