Third Validation Cycle at Selenča (Serbia)

Third Validation Cycle at Selenča (Serbia)
GATES activity

Inosens is currently carrying out the 3rd Validation Learning Cycle where 3th Minimum Viable Game (MVG3) is being tested by farmers from Serbia.

A specific workshop has been organized last March 27th, with 25 farmers from (i) Club of farmers from Selenča and (ii) Center for Organic production Selenča.

Vladan Minic, from Inosens, explained farmers how to play the game with a short game demonstration, while presenting new games functionalities carried out in MVG3.

Farmers were asked to play the game and to fulfill a survey in order in order to give their feedback. Conclusions drawn from these surveys will be taken into account for the development of the final product that is expected to be released next June 2019.