Second Validation Cycle at Krivaja D.O.O. agricultural facility (Serbia)

Second Validation Cycle at Krivaja D.O.O. agricultural facility (Serbia)
GATES activity

Inosens is currently carrying out the 2nd Validation Learning Cycle where 2nd Minimum Viable Game (MVG2) is being tested with students and farmers from Serbia.


The 2nd Validation Learning Cycle started in September with students from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) being informed about GATES project. Now, students have been asked to play the game and to fulfill the survey in order to give their feedback. 


In addition to the students, Inosens has presented the game to approximately 20 farmers from the agricultural cooperative Krivaja D.O.O. in Northern Bachka region. Farmers were taught to use the game with a short game demonstration and were also asked to fulfill the survey.


Inosens is expecting to compile the survey from students and farmers by mid-November. Feedback and needs from end users will be taken into account to improve GATES game and develop the 3th Minimum Viable Game and final product that is expected to be released next June 2019.