Second Validation Cycle at University of Novi Sad (Serbia)

Second Validation Cycle at University of Novi Sad (Serbia)
GATES activity

Around 20 bachelor, master and Ph.D. students from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) are participating in the second Validation Cycle that will take place during the second half of this month of September to test the 2nd Minimum Viable Game of GATES game.  


Vladan Minic, from INOSENS, gathered yesterday the students and made a short presentation about GATES project as well as a short game demonstration. Students were asked to play the game in the following days and to fulfill the survey in order to give their feedback. 


Two more Validation Cycles will be conducted in the following weeks, both in Spain and Greece, from Gates partners ANSEMAT and the Agricultural University of Athens, respectively. The main goal of these Validation Cycles is to collect feedback and needs from end users in order to improve GATES game. Conclusions drawn from these surveys will be taken into account for the development of the 3th Minimum Viable Game and final product that is expected to be released next June 2019