Game versions

Three Minimum Viable Games (MVGs) will be produced during the project execution before the final serious game-based training platform is completed.

The first MVG1 was launched on February 2018, as a low fidelity version or vertical slice (with basic art and features) of the farming module, which is the essence of the game based training. MVG1 is a nearly feature complete version of the farming module, where the user is able to experience the full core gameplay loop (the basic farming mechanics) in final quality, including also high quality graphics, animations, interface, audio etc.

As a player, you can set up NEW SCENARIOS (country, tile size, crop…) and proceed with basic farming operations, such as SOWING, IRRIGATION AND HARVESTING

The game also includes the description of 16 SMART FARMING TECHNOLOGIES related with sowing, irrigation, and harvesting that can be used in order to increase crop yield and/or irrigation efficiency.

MVG1 video tutorial:

The second MVG2 was launched on October 2018, as an update version of MVG1, with improved algorithms and more appealing interface to the users. Specifically, the following additions/changes were made to GATES game:

  1. Updated GUI: Reduction of the number of clicks around between different sub screens. The most important aspects of the game are visible in the main screen (e.g. yield, product quality, nutrition etc.).
  2. Improved Algorithms
  3. Improved Scenario Creation Module
  4. Inclusion of Additional agricultural operations: Tillage and Fertilization.
  5. Updated in-game calendar
  6. Improved operation management
  7. Inclusion of real weather data from 5 countries (Greece, Spain, Germany, Serbia, and France)
  8. Mobile devices support: The new GUI was developed in such way in order the game to be easily playable for any type of device including mobile devices.
  9. Tag system and modifiable scenario description

You can now play the game at:

And give us your feedback to improve GATES version at:

Third GATES game version or GATES final product will be developed based on MVG2 and the feedback of 3 validated learning processes.

MVG3 is expected to be available by the end of June 2019.