GATES H2020 project at Smart-AKIS 3rd Innovation Workshop

GATES H2020 project at Smart-AKIS 3rd Innovation Workshop
GATES activity

The Smart-AKIS project is a Thematic Network on Smart Farming funded by Horizon 2020 and backed up by EIP-AGRI. The Smart-AKIS 3rd Innovation Workshop took place at the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and was hosted by BioSense Institute last 1 March 2018.


During the workshop, a small presentation of GATES project was done by InoSens doo, GATES project partner, to audience coming from 7 Hubs: farmers, advisors, researchers and industrial partners. InoSens doo presented the first version of GATES serious-game (Minimum Viable Game, MVG1), and asked target groups to play the game and fill the survey in order to participate in the FIRST VALIDATED LEARNING CYCLE (VLC)


GATES will implement three VALIDATED LEARNING CYCLES (VLC) to test and evaluate three Minimum Viable Game (MVG), directly involving the target end-users identified (agricultural engineering students, technical staff of agricultural machinery industries and consultants/advisors) in order to obtain direct feedback from them.


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