Second Validation Cycle at Krivaja D.O.O. agricultural facility (Serbia)
05/11/2018 GATES activity
Inosens is currently carrying out the 2nd Validation Learning Cycle where 2nd Minimum Viable Game (MVG2) is being tested with students and farmers from Serbia.   The 2nd Validation Learning Cycle...
Second Validation Cycle at University of Novi Sad (Serbia)
18/09/2018 GATES activity
Around 20 bachelor, master and Ph.D. students from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) are participating in the second Validation Cycle that will take place during the...
Victoria Ruiz, from ANSEMAT, has participated in the 2nd National Forum Agribusiness - Agribusiness Women
02/08/2018 GATES activity
Victoria Ruiz, Responsible for Development in ANSEMAT, was invited to participate as a professional woman in the agricultural sector in the 4th ROUND TABLE of the 2nd National Forum Agribusiness -...